We strive to create a challenging, exciting environment in which boys will have fun, make great friends, and learn to play lacrosse at a high level,Looneys Lacrosse, Looneys Lax

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Looney’s Lacrosse Club Philosophy
Since 2008

The people associated with the Looney’s Lacrosse Club are all current or past players and/or coaches who are dedicated to "give back" to preserve the integrity of the game. We work hard to create an atmosphere of fun and learning and strive to offer the following:

  • Field nationally competitive teams through a selection process of talented players that are willing to learn and improve.
  • Provide players an opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the game based on lacrosse fundamentals, individual skill development, and highly emphasized team concepts.
  • Teach the importance of good character on and off the field, of good sportsmanship, and of respect for other players, coaches and officials.
  • Encourage players to participate in multiple sports and stress that the "in season" sport takes priority.
  • Offer the opportunity to make lifetime friendships with other players from a variety of recreation programs and a variety of schools.
  • Have fun and develop a true appreciation for the game of lacrosse.

Our goal is to create a great environment for the players to excel, so we make a strong effort to seek quality players, parents, and coaches to represent the Looney’s Lacrosse Club.